Volunteer Corner

Submit Your Volunteer Hours
  • Volunteer hours (and receipts) will be due on or before Saturday, May 25.
  • Please remember to update your hours online here.
  • The Google form does not calculate totals, but will send you receipt of your submission. Please keep your own records.
  • Receipts are to be placed in the binder at school, but hours should still be recorded online.
Questions? Email PICvolunteerDC@gmail.com
Lunch Volunteers
Daily openings for lunch volunteers and opportunities for earning your last hours for the school year! Please lend a hand, especially as the weather warms up and children return to al fresco dining.
Opportunities to earn volunteer hours
  • Daily Lunch Volunteers
  • Art Gallery Crew
  • Field Day Volunteers & Donations
  •  Hospitality Lunches/Snacks for Teachers
  • Teacher-Classroom Wish List Items for Remaining School Days
  • Assist with International Day in May 
  • Classroom Support (check with your teacher)