It's Time to Apply for Free and Reduced Lunch

Why are meals not free anymore flyer
Douglas County School District Nutrition Services is already preparing for an exciting 2022-2023 school year! Here is what you need to know as your students return to the cafeteria in August.
Paid Meals Return August 2022
The waivers that the USDA issued during COVID to allow schools to provide free meals to all students will not continue into the next school year.
  • Students who are approved for Free and Reduced Meal benefits will still receive free meals.
2022-2023 meal prices are as follows:
  • Lunch: $3.75
* All reimbursable meals include fruit, vegetables, and milk.
** Ala carte items sold at all levels will be priced individually.
Free/Reduced Meals
  • Meal benefit applications for free and reduced-price meals must be filled out each year - APPLY HERE.
  • All families must submit an application in order to receive free meals (if applicable) for the 2022-2023 school year.
  • Current meal benefit applications are crucial to ensure that eligible students continue to have access to free meals.
  • These applications also provide additional benefits to students and schools, including waived transportation and school fees, and additional school funding.
  • See additional benefits HERE.
Meal Payments
Student ID
  • Students will use their student ID cards to charge meal purchases on their lunch account (where available).
  • If your student forgets their student ID card or their school does not provide cards, students must know their ID number and enter it on the pin pads at the register.
  • Elementary Parents - please help your student learn their ID number and practice it at home to ensure their line moves quickly and they get enough time to eat their meal.
Jen Peifer
Director of Nutrition Services