Stamp Test

Next week our students will be assessed in the STAMP test to measure language proficiency in Spanish. STAMPmeasures proficiency for listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The Stamp test will place the students in one of the ACTFL levels (immersion standards), Novice (low, mid, high), Intermediate (low, mid, high) or Advanced. Please encourage your kids to practice at home in the following link:  They need to click on sample test, then go to 4se sample test 2-6 and click on Spanish. We have been doing it in class.Writing we practice everyday in class with our writing prompts that they enjoy very much. If they would like to do some writing at home this long weekend, it will also be very helpful. Thay can choose what they would like to write about. Make sure that they follow our rubric: start with a capitol letter, end the sentence with a period, separate their words. Use their verbs correctly. Thank you very much!
Miss Yoly