From the Principal

Nicholas Day is a very popular holiday in the regions of Alsace and Lorraine (North-East of France). It is also celebrated in Belgium and Luxembourg as well as other European countries. It is customary on the night of December the 5th, for children to place their shoes beside the fireplace or at the door. In the morning, children wake to find their shoes filled with chocolates, candies, nuts and fruits. On Nicholas Day, a donkey carries baskets full of biscuits and sweets into the village for children to enjoy. 
In class, students studied the history of Nicholas Day and the traditions on the day in North-East France. In addition, Madame Florence baked the traditional sweet breads of Nicholas for students to enjoy in class.
On Sunday, one of our French students, Ben Lee, was volunteering at “Santa Brunch” when he came face-to-face with St Nicholas himself! After finding out that Ben knew how to speak French, St Nicholas engaged Ben in a lively discussion about France, “The Little Prince” and their demanding French teacher’s! St. Nicholas complimented Ben on his fluency and conjugations- assuring him that his name is on the NICE list!
Stacy Bush
Principal, GVA Douglas County