Health & Wellness

If your child has asthma or a life-threatening allergy, please have your doctor fill out the appropriate health care plan under Medical Forms. You will also need to complete the Medication Parent Release form. 
For all other medications (including Tylenol, cough drops, lotions, creams, eye drops, and over-the-counter medications), please have your doctor complete the Provider Medication Authorization Form. A Medication Parent Release form is unnecessary when using the PMA form, as this statement is already included. Please remember to include a parent's signature where indicated on the PMA form.   
  • Completed forms and medications can be dropped off at the front desk.
  • Forms cannot be used for more than one year and will need a new Health Care Provider and parent signature each school year. 
All medications kept in the school Health Clinic:
  • must be in the original packaging or prescription bottle with the student's name on it.
  • must match in name, dosage, route, and time to the one listed by the authorizing physician.
  • must have an expiration date and cannot be expired.
  • cannot be shared with the Before/After School Program, so make sure you give an extra set of forms and medications to their Program Director.  
If your child has any other medical conditions such as diabetes, seizure disorder, etc., please contact your school nurse so an appropriate health plan can be written per your Physician's orders. 
 K-12th Grade School Required Immunizations
  • Immunization records are a required document we must have on file at the school.
  • Students must be up to date on all shots or have a waiver signed if they have chosen not to vaccinate your student.
  • Students will not be able to come to school until we receive the immunization records or waiver starting in the new school year.
  • We will contact all families that are not up to date on their immunizations.
  • Current 5th-grade students that will be in 6th grade the following year need to get the TDAP shot over summer break, and we need the updated record.