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Menu & Lunch Program

The lunch variety will continue to be the same as last year.
  • Two options are available each day with a variety of fruits and vegetables to choose from, as well as milk and water.
  • Many enhanced safety protocols will be in place to ensure the highest level of safety for the students and our staff. Pin pads will no longer be used, and we are moving to a touchless barcode scanner in their place.
Questions about our lunch program? Please contact Kourtney Sereika  [email protected]
Purchasing Snacks/Ala Carte Sales, Extra Entrees (“Seconds”), & Negative Balance
  • Please Advise Nutrition Services if you DO NOT want your child to participate in any of these purchasing options.
  • If your child wants an additional entrée, they may pay the additional price of $2.25 for a second entrée serving. Pricing may vary at Charter Schools.
  • If your child wants to purchase an additional Snack item or an A la Carte Sales item (including milk), they may pay the additional price of $.50 to $2.50 for an item.
  • Our Elementary program allows students to purchase a meal (not snacks or ala carte) if their balance is low, which may put their account below zero giving it a negative balance.
  • We have found that some parents do not desire to have their child participate in purchasing extra food or incurring a negative account balance for health or financial reasons
  • Please fill out the form here or download a form to Opt Out of the program.
  • Myschoolbucks is an online payment portal specially designed to allow parents to make quick and easy online payments to their children's school accounts. 
  • The system allows parents to manage their children's lunch accounts quickly and easily. 
  • The school lunch price for students is $3.75.
  • Pay with a Credit Card
  • Check Your Child's Account Balance
  • See What Your Child is Eating
  • Receive Account Balance Alerts
  • Much More...Sign up today!


  • Nutrition Services will also accept checks. Please be sure your student's name and ID number are on the check.

Additional Information

  • Students who purchase lunch will choose their food and stop at the register for payment. 
  • They will use a pin pad to punch their ID number into the system. 
  • A screen on the monitor appears with the student's name and photo. 
  • The cashier will enter the items purchased, and the student will be on his/her way.
  • It would be very helpful for your student to learn his/her ID before the upcoming year.
Douglas County School District Nutrition Services is excited to have the opportunity to work with the Global Village Academy community! We are committed to providing the highest quality meals for your child. We also work to create an environment where your child can learn to make healthy decisions that lead to a healthy life.

School meals are important to your child because they help develop sound nutritional habits by exposing students to various foods. 

  • We offer many food choices and provide healthy fruits and vegetables daily. 
  • In addition, the well-nourished student has better attendance, is more attentive, better behaved, and has an increased energy level. 
  • All of these elements are tied to academic success.

School Meals are Safe

Food safety is our first and foremost concern. We have implemented a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Program throughout the District to reduce the chance of a food-borne illness event. Temperatures of all food products are monitored throughout production and service.

School Meals are Nutritious

  • School meals contain 30 percent or less of total calories from fat, less than 10 percent total calories from saturated fat, and 35 percent or less of total calories from sugar.

School Meals are Balanced

  • Every day, students choose meals from fresh fruits and vegetables, whole-grain bread and cereals, lean meats, and low-fat dairy products.  
  • Each school has a Harvest Bar, which features a variety of fresh produce in season.