Volunteer Tally Update

Please follow this link to view your family hours.
  • You will search by your family QR code. If your family code is not listed, then we do not have an online submission for your family. 
We have a number of families that have not yet reported any hours. If you would like to inquire about opportunities to meet the family requirement of 30 hours per school year, contact our Volunteer Coordinator. The reporting period ends May 24, 2020.
Things to Note
  1. Receipts need to be provided for your purchases and monetary donations that are being included in your volunteer hours. If receipts are not provided, these hours will be deducted from your total. Receipt Binder is on volunteer table in cafeteria.
  2. Items that do not count toward volunteer hours: buying from a fundraiser, school supplies for your individual student(s), donations without receipt
  3. Please record ALL (time and donations) hours in the Google form.
Volunteers need to know the family QR code when entering hours. The codes are unique to each family and help in accurately tracking hours.
The Google form is set to send a copy of your submission to the email address provided. Please keep this for your personal records and totals.
If you have any questions, please contact Brooke Hengst, PIC Volunteer Coordinator, at PICvolunteerDC@gmail.com.