Make a Difference at GVA Douglas County

This is a great opportunity to be a leader in our school community and to help shape the future of GVA DC!
The Objectives of the GVA Board of Directors are as follows:
  • To ensure that the Mission Statement and Operating Contract between GVA and the Authorizing Public School District are adhered to in all activities and decisions of the Board, staff, students, parents and GVA advisory committees. Trustees of GVA will respond to the School Accountability Committee of Global Village Academy, whose members will report directly to the board of directors in giving advice for the ongoing development of the school.
  • To serve as final authority in matters affecting staffing, budget, curriculum, calendar decisions and GVA and/or Global Village Academy concerns, and to ensure that these are consistent with and promote the educational goals of the Mission Statement, Operating Contract and official GVA policy.
  • To encourage faculty, parents and students to be aware and responsive to the needs and concerns of Global Village Academy as a whole, and of the unique learning styles, challenges and talents of individual students.
  • To act as the official voice of Global Village Academy with regard to public information, media contacts, and public relations.
  • To adopt policy and procedures which will govern Global Village Academy. These policies and procedures will adhere to the Mission Statement.
Positions are appointed. Applications due March 1, 2020.
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