End of School Year Best Wishes

Dear GVA students, we are the best of the best, standing heads and shoulders above all of the rest!

Respectful, Responsible, and Ready to learn, a “GVA Dragon” is a badge of honor we earn by being

Academically focused (in 2 languages, no less!), reading, writing, listening, speaking- as bi-literates, we impress! With a

Growth Mindset we’re not afraid to try something new; we are confident that we can do hard things too!

Owning our emotions (are we green, blue, yellow, or red?) we are learning how to manage all the voices in our heads!

New countries, new cultures, new experiences, and food, International Days help us to develop a Global Attitude!

Strong bodies and minds that we continue to grow; where will we go next? Nobody knows!!


Congratulations on a fun and successful 2022-23 school year! 

Much love,


Mrs. Bush

Principal, GVA Douglas County

[email protected]