2022-2023 Mid-Year Survey Results

As the year ends, the School Accountability Committee (SAC) is sharing the data from our mid-year survey with our parent community.
  • The survey intended to gather community feedback and understand what our parents & guardians think about things at Global Village Academy Douglas County (GVA DC).
  • The SAC spent two meetings reviewing the data and providing feedback to the GVA Board and administration.
  • Principal Bush is working with staff to share the positive strengths of the school and address the areas of concern.
Individual Comments from the Survey
  • The SAC reviewed individual comments, and they are being addressed.
  • The comments were a mix of positive comments and areas of concern. 
The themes of the area of concern included:
  • Needing more transparent communication on the purpose of the beginning of the year school events and the schedule of the events,
  • Confusion on accessing online learning platforms and clarity on grade-level homework assignments. 
Some of the themes of positive comments were:
  • Improved communications on event dates and times.
  • Good communication between teachers and parents
  • Overall happiness with the school.
Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the survey. With this valuable insight, GVA DC can continue to grow and improve.
Have a great summer, and we'll see you in August!
SAC Mid-Year Survey
  • Total of students represented in the results: 170
  • Total number of students at GVA: 364