The Fun Run is Raising Money for the Music Department

We are in the final days of our fundraiser, and our $30,000 is in sight. We can’t wait to celebrate on Prize Day!


All Donations are DUE this Wednesday, September 13, 2023!


How to Help this Week

  • Finalize all online donations and turn in any cash or checks you receive.
  • We are asking that donations be made online via our website at
  • If you collected cash or checks, please put them in an envelope clearly marked with your name and send it into your teacher or the front office. You do not need to return the Parent letter or any information about online pledges. Checks should be made out to PIC-GVA-DC.
  • Donations to our Run4Funds are usually eligible for Employer Company Matching programs for employee charitable donations. Donors can request their donations to PIC-GVA-DC be matched, and these funds can be used toward your student’s total!  
  • If you have donations that are not showing up online, it is most likely due to a misspelled name or nickname that doesn’t match your student’s name on the roster. Please be assured that the Run4Funds staff will go through all donations before any prizing to ensure they match up to students. No donations will be missed.
  • Fill out the online waiver form at so your student(s) can participate in the all-school Inflatable party!
  • Check out your CLASSROOM Goal Chart to ensure your classroom has earned all the prizes!!  


Celebrate our students’ hard work on Prize Day!!


Any questions?? Please email the PIC or [email protected], and we can figure it out together.