From the Principal

We continually plan, teach, monitor and adjust our safety plan to best meet the needs of our school community and respond to changes in best practice. 
Last week, your student(s) learned how they can help make their school and community safer by reporting dangerous and concerning behaviors to Safe2Tell. Safe2Tell provides students and adults in Colorado communities and schools a way to ANONYMOUSLY report violence and other concerning behaviors. The Safe2Tell solution was developed specifically to encourage and empower bystanders when they have a concern about their safety or the safety of others. The Safe2Tell phone number is printed on the back of student’s IDs for easy reference. Additional information about Safe2Tell will be sent home in Friday folders. 
Many parents have commented on the presence of Parker Police at Global Village Academy- Douglas County during the school day. GVA-DC is working in partnership with the Parker Police Department and the School Marshall Program to ensure the safety of the students, faculty, and staff through the School Marshal Program (SMP). Officer Penny, our School Marshal Officer (SMO), provides law enforcement patrol, crime prevention, emergency preparedness, and emergency response services to GVA-DC and other elementary schools in the Parker area.
Throughout the school year, GVA-DC will conduct various fire, tornado, evacuation and lockdown drills to comply with government requirements and to make certain that staff and students learn proper safety and security procedures. In an emergency, and for all emergency drills, GVA-DC practices Standards Response Protocols (SRP). Information about Standard Response Protocols can be found at
Thank you for supporting our efforts to keep GVA-DC a safe place to learn and grow!
Stacy Bush
Principal, GVA Douglas County