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Spanish Village Stories

asher tFrom Asher's Family
"I majored in Spanish in college, and I value the ability to speak more than one language. The most important thing about learning another language is that it allows people to converse across cultural backgrounds and connect with people who speak a different language. We wanted our kids to be bi- or multi-lingual, so when we heard about GVA, we knew that it was where our kids would attend. Our son is in his second year at GVA, and we are already able to converse a little in Spanish. My favorite thing about the school is that it feels like everyone is family. The staff and families alike are kind and caring.”
jocelyn and masonFrom Jocelyn and Mason's Family:
"Our family values travel and learning about new cultures. We were so excited to hear about GVA opening their Parker location and enrolled our then Kindergarten student. She has attended GVA for nearly five years now and is almost fluent in Spanish. What we love most about GVA and the reason why we have both our 1st and 4th graders still enrolled is the celebration of a global community—living in the suburbs of Denver, culture, and diversity are not the norm. My children learn that the United States and the English language are only a part of this big world of incredible humans. Thank you, GVA!”
lilyannaFrom Lilyanna's Family:
"I grew up among the Hispanic culture my entire life. I have watched my friend’s grandmother make homemade tortillas and have watched the colorful flowing dresses of the dancers in New Mexico. I have always longed to be able to speak Spanish, so I decided to give my daughter the gift of a second language. I want her to be able to grow up and be able to talk to her people in our community in Spanish. I hope she will be able to use her language abilities in the future to support herself in this ever-growing world.”