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About Innovation Learning

Innovative Education is Critical for Our Children’s Futures

Creativity, ingenuity, and innovation are the keys to success in the evolving global economy, and it’s paramount for parents and schools to work together to cultivate these skills for their children during before and after-school. This part of the day is a prime time to develop and practice 21st Century skills early and often, and can effectively be done in a setting that infuses the natural curiosity inherent in all children with their desire to play, and interact with their peers.

Innovation Learning has answered this critical need, by creating programs that teach students the 4C’s of Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity within the context of a program focused on the whole child. Innovation Learning helps children develop skills that enable them to not only succeed in school the very next day, but succeed for the rest of their life.

About Innovation Learning

Innovation Learning is an extended learning provider, offering before and after school programs that help children develop 21st Century skills in a safe, fun, and structured setting, right at your school!

With an ever-increasing number of parents working to make ends meet and schools being asked to do much more with limited budgets, it can be difficult to meet everyone’s needs. Innovation Learning supports students, schools, and families by sharing in a vision for developing well-rounded children that will become the innovators and contributors of tomorrow.

By integrating a program focused on recreation, academics and fun, our program engages students in using problem-solving skills, cultivating creativity, and building their capacity for innovation. We offer fun and stimulating activities so students succeed socially and academically, and are better prepared for their innovative futures.