GVA Pathways Award Program » Junior GVA Seal of Biliteracy Award for 5th Grade Students

Junior GVA Seal of Biliteracy Award for 5th Grade Students

junior sealThe intent of the Elementary School “GVA Seal of Biliteracy Jr. Award” is to encourage students in our dual language program on the path leading to bilingualism, biliteracy, and socio-cultural competence. It is to also recognize them for their hard work during the years in our program. It is awarded at the end of elementary school.

Academic Criteria Include:

  • Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS) in language Arts at the "Meet or Exceed" level in fifth grade.
  • I-Ready test results scoring “on grade level” (or above) percentiles in reading.
  • Demonstration of proficiency through the STAMPSe assessment in a language other than English (e.g., Spanish, Mandarin, French, or Russian at the "Intermediate Low" level or above in fifth grade.)
  • Average grades of Proficient (P) or higher in English classes and in the respective immersion language class;
  • In addition to the requirements outlined above, students have to complete several additional criteria that demonstrate authentic use of two languages. These include:
    • A written essay on why bilingualism is important to them personally, to their community, and to the world.
    • An end-of-the-year 5th-grade project demonstrating appropriate oral and written skills in addition to collaboration and socio-cultural skills. It is a culmination of skills learned in K-5. The project includes the use of multimedia and applies 21st-century skills. The rubric for this project will be given at the time of acceptance into the program.
    • The completion of 10 hours of documented community service using target language skills in service to the school or community while demonstrating the ability to use translation in social situations.
    • Demonstration of commitment to respect for diversity.
    • All assignments are due by May 1, 2021
    • The application deadline is December 17, 2020.